August 13, 2015
To Whom it May Concern:

Excellence, integrity and dedication would be my words to describe the team of BConnected. From the very beginning, they proved over and over again the exact definition of customer service and honest work.

Our old phone system needed some tweaking here and there. It should be an understanding mindset that technology isn’t perfect but what makes it perfect is the mind behind it. This being said, the old team for our old phone system failed at this. Their failure to be prompt and quick had caused major delays throughout the work day.

Stuart and his team answered every question we had with quick follow up every time. The whole team was nothing but personable and great. If you ever choose BConnected as your next step, you can see with your own eyes the chemistry between the team members and how well they connect in every aspect from communication to getting the job done.

The best investment is in the people; the great technology is just a cherry on top.

I welcome any questions that you may have. It took us a while to reach the final decision and I would be happy to help others in reaching the same great decision.


O’Donnell Snider Construction Inc